Hiring a Sales and Marketing Specialist – What do you do?

If you are considering hiring a Sales and Marketing Specialists any time soon, please read this.

When it comes to top performers in our industry, does your Company hire skills first and ‘fit’ as a distant afterthought?

But what if instead you hired on ‘purpose’?

A recent article in Forbes stated that you can give people the technical knowledge or support they need to succeed, but what you can’t give them is passion or what some people call a sense of purpose.

Here are some tips on how to ‘Hire for Purpose’:

Know what works so you can replicate it – This seems obvious, but it is often overlooked. Look at the traits of your best Sales and Marketing people and ask yourself what they all have in common.

Learn from your mistakes – We’ve all made hiring mistakes along the way and you may still be living with them. Be honest with yourself. Why isn’t this person working out? Was this person the best of a weak talent pool or did you not listen to that little voice in your head that was raising red flags? Once you figure out what went wrong, you can make corrections to avoid making the same mistake again.

Don’t hire people unless they raise the average – Successful companies always want to raise the bar. They have profiled successful people in their company and have developed interview questions to determine whether a candidate has the same motivational needs and behavioural attributes that have made others successful in that role.

If your Staffing Partner is not finding these things out BEFORE they present the candidates to you, they are wasting your time and your money.

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