Burnt out and disillusioned

Lack of work/life balance is one of the major reasons I see good people wanting to leave their current role.

I once met with a client who admitted their top Engineering, Manufacturing and Production professionals could earn ridiculous amounts of money, but that they would probably end up burnt out and disillusioned by their second year! They knew that there was a limited time they could expect anyone to stay.

Now each company’s culture is different, but be assured, A-Players are highly unlikely to move from a flexible culture to an inflexible one. Successful people usually get results because they work hard, are trusted and respect their employer for giving them what they need to succeed; mainly a work/life balance. If they are proven, you will not get them showing their face in an office on a daily basis, just for the sake of it. And with today’s technology – nor should they.

According to a study by PWC, employees of all generations are prioritising flexibility in their jobs, whether it be in the form of scheduling, location or even office set up. Flexibility in a job is becoming more important than compensation and promotion.

We live in an age of technology innovations… and we work in an Industry that utilises them. Employees can collaborate, learn and be productive regardless of their hours or location…Something to think about.

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