You’re not the only one

Now, I know your company is special… I really do.

But there is something I have to tell you, and you might not like it…….

When it comes to hiring the very best Engineering, Manufacturing and Production professionals in your competitive sector to your business, in my experience, (and I know this industry very well), once I approach passive talent on your behalf and they express an interest in your company and opportunity, they are more likely to keep an eye out for other opportunities…..and yes, with your competitors.

They probably weren’t considering a move…… until now. The seed has been sown.

You’d be very naive to think they wouldn’t. And you have to assume that until your candidate starts, absolutely anything can happen.

Things to think about:

Time: You get a great CV….. get the candidate in ASAP. Do not hang around waiting for a pile of other CVs to compare it against. You know what a standout candidate looks like on paper. Time is the greatest reason you will lose out on top talent in our industry.

Sign on the dotted line: 38% of employers say it takes more than 3 days to send an offer out……(a lot can happen in 3 days, including being approached by another headhunter from a competitive organisation). Once they are open to a move, they are more likely to be receptive to a conversation with another company.

Offer: 18% of candidates reject the initial offer and negotiate for a better one.  Candidates are not always transparent whether they are interviewing elsewhere…..In the time it takes to come back with a new offer, an alternative company could have offered something more in line with their expectations……which you should already know.

Show that you value the candidate: 45% of job seekers say they are less likely to go with a company they received a low offer from even when it was eventually increased close/to meet their expectations. When making an offer, even if you know it’s low and you’re using it as a tool to get to a point you want to pay, rather than starting at what the candidate is worth, you’ve now left a bad taste and some candidates will refuse on that basis.

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