Work / Life balance – Finding a harmony between the two

We often feel torn between the demands of work and our personal lives. Balancing the two can often add to the existing stresses we face daily but finding harmony is highly important, even if you are the most talented of individuals. There are some simple tricks to help make your personal life just that, personal.

Video Interviews: Are they inclusive and the future?

Some of you may have read in the news or watched reports on television that remote interviews are on the increase. To some job applicants, the idea of being in front of a camera can be likened to being a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. So is it a worthy tool

Work/Life Balance: The Millennial Approach to Recruitment

Recent years have seen significant change in the recruitment industry. As the Baby Boomer generation retires and Millennial and Gen Z workers form more of the employment market, the dominant priorities for a new role are evolving. Salary is no longer the primary driving factor that it once was –flexibility by the company (in terms

Asking for time off before starting a new job?

How do you approach the subject without jeopardising a job offer? The Elephant in the room Can you picture the situation? You are sitting in your interview and everything is going well. In fact better than you could have hoped for. Then the subject of start dates comes up. However, you know you have a

Yorkshire Agency Scene: An Insight

R4T are proud to be one of the sponsors of Data-Hive who have carried out some research in the digital agency space within the Leeds region. It offers an interesting insight into how best to utilise your own website for business generation and what potential candidates could be looking for in their next move when

Second best getting IT Professionals. Are you losing the employment War?

If what you’re doing now to attract the top performing IT Professionals in the Manchester area is working for you, that’s really great. But if you’re not or you suspect that you could do better? Maybe it’s time to try something else? What are the implications for your business if you are not a first

Hiring a Sales and Marketing Specialist – What do you do?

If you are considering hiring a Sales and Marketing Specialists any time soon, please read this. When it comes to top performers in our industry, does your Company hire skills first and ‘fit’ as a distant afterthought? But what if instead you hired on ‘purpose’? A recent article in Forbes stated that you can give

How will you know what you’re looking for?

If you don’t define what you are looking for, how will you know when you find it? So many businesses say they want top performers to join them, yet when asked what a top performer looks like, they are not really sure. The thing is, unless you have a well-defined job specification detailing all the